Alice Cadfan-Lewis

Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Founder and Director, Block Recruit

Alice Cadfan-Lewis; Founding Member, Business Owner, NOTB Hot 100, Networking Extraordinaire, Wife, Mother, Dog Owner and Doyenne Woman of the Quarter 2017.

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Alice has worked in the leasehold sector for 16 years as a recruitment specialist. In 2013 Alice founded Block Recruit, a recruitment company focusing on in-house staff for property companies across the UK. Through hard work and dedication Alice has grown the business from strength to strength and Block Recruit is now regarded as one of the top recruitment companies in the industry.  With a clear focus on the leasehold arena, Alice has wealth of knowledge as well as a varied network of professional contacts.

Despite the increased opportunities as the industry has grown and diversified, Alice noticed a distinct lack of women in, and applying for, senior management opportunities. Following discussions with women across the sector this anomaly seemed to be caused by one shared issue… self-belief. Alice became a founding member of Doyenne in order to provide a platform to support and inspire women and ultimately give them the confidence to recognise their value and achieve their full potential.