Doyenne & YLP Summer Networking Drinks 19/06/18, sponsored by Nirvana Maintenance, Moreland Estate Management, PMR and 1st Sure Flats Insurance.

Event photos from the Doyenne & YLP 2018 Summer Party, at Jaks Mayfair on 19/06/18.

35522828_10160563536290584_1997794902338961408_nIMG_7808IMG_7809IMG_7814Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.24.07Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.25.03Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.25.12Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.25.46Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.26.03Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.26.21Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.27.20Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.28.26Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.29.09Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.31.13Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.31.26Screenshot 2018-07-16 09.31.50

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