Emma Peach MIRPM AssocRICS – Essex Doyenne Ambassador

We’re pleased to be able to share some exciting news with you all. In our continued efforts to broaden our reach of connecting and inspiring women in the leasehold sector, we would like to introduce “Emma Peach” as our Doyenne Ambassador for Essex.

Our Doyenne Ambassadors will be holding an annual event in each of their regions to help connect more inspiring women in the sector.

About Emma

Associate Director at DJC Property Management, Member of the Institute of Residential Property Management, Associate RICS.

Emma started her career as an Administrative Assistant for a Managing Agent 16 years ago, she soon got noticed, rising through the ranks quickly at Remus, and today she heads up the team at DJC Property Management. Why did we choose Emma to join our mission? It’s simple, she has been with us from the beginning, attending, and promoting what we are trying to achieve. She actively gets involved in supporting other women and has been responsible for mentoring many other Property Managers through their careers in the sector. Emma is kind, approachable, generous, and understands the challenges we face in the sector right now. She is a great addition to the team, and we look forward to seeing Emma grow our reach into the Essex area.

Why is Doyenne Important?

I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by some amazing women within the industry who have supported and encouraged my career progression. At DJC Property Management, I am part of an all-female leadership team, and I am pleased to say that ongoing support and encouragement is part of our management team style but I know from conversations with industry colleagues that this is not everyone’s experience.

Many people that I talk to say that they stumbled into their property-related job and as such, they may only be exposed to the principles and ideas of those that are directly around them, and whilst these ideas and principles may not be negative, having a broader circle will offer a more diverse conversation and perspective. 

Meeting other women within the industry will undoubtedly expand our understanding and enjoyment of the whole industry. There is no question that we are working within a demanding and challenging industry, and it is unnecessary to do this alone.

Attending Doyenne networking events has provided me with great support and a sense of belonging, I have met women that I would probably never found myself in the same room as had it not been for the Doyenne event. Knowing that there is a network of professional women, all at differing stages of their lives and careers to discuss ideas and ask questions is something that is rare in such a commercially competitive industry.

As a Doyenne Ambassador, I hope that the support and encouragement that I have received can also be experienced by other women in the industry and I look forward to offering and accepting support as my career progresses.

The date for Emma’s first Doyenne event in Essex will be announced soon.

Connect with Emma Here: Emma Peach

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