Doyennes Discuss… The L Word!

Emma Blaney, Founding Member and Founder of Productive Property People, writes about our need as women to own our success and stop using the word luck as the reason. Authored by Emma Blaney.

One of the best things about Doyenne is being able to meet so many incredible, inspirational women from across the leasehold sector. Whether a property manager, industry supplier, lawyer, company director or newbie just starting their career, Doyenne brings us all together to celebrate our achievements and connect. But what brought us here? Well, I can tell you one thing, it certainly wasn’t luck!

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Doyennes Discuss… I am a Feminist, Loud and Proud!

Emma Blaney, Founding Member and Founder of Productive Property People, writes about her new found identity as a feminist and the book that changed her mind. Authored by Emma Blaney.

For the longest time if someone asked me if I was a feminist my answer was always no. Not because I was lying but because I genuinely didn’t identify as a feminist. I believe my go to line was always ‘I am not a feminist, I believe in equality’. In my mind feminism stood for the subjugation of men and the elimination of gender altogether. Well I like men, I like being a woman and I don’t want to be a queen bee* so where did that leave me?

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Doyennes Discuss… MIPIM; A Woman’s’ Perspective!

Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Founding Member and Founder of Block Recruit, talks about her recent experience at the MIPIM conference in Cannes and provides a unique insight into this amazing event through the eyes of woman. Authored by Alice Cadfan-Lewis.

Working in the block management sector and being a huge advocate of networking, I’m always looking for new ways to connect with fellow property professionals. Not just for potential new business leads but for the opportunity to learn from others. MIPIM has been on my radar as an event offering exactly that for some years, and 2017 was my year to find out if the reality would live up to the hype.

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Doyennes Discuss… Personal Branding!

Claire Hamilton, Head of Property Management for Rylands Associates Limited, and Emma Blaney, discuss personal branding and why, in the internet age, it has become such a prevalent issue. Authored by Emma Blaney, Founder and Director of Productive Property People.

In the time that I have known Claire we have had numerous conversations about the impact of personal branding and why it is so important. To think of yourself and your career as a brand can be a strange concept. In the internet age the question is no longer ‘do I have/want a personal brand?’ your brand exists and it’s how you manage it that counts. So, when I asked Claire to do a piece with me, the topic choice was clear… the importance of personal branding.

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Doyennes Discuss… Why Doyenne?

Sam Massey and Emma Blaney, two of the founding members of Doyenne, discuss their motivations for creating the group and take a look at the science that might have been behind it. Authored by Emma Blaney, Founder and Director of Productive Property People.

Doyenne was founded by Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Founder and Director of Block Recruit, Samantha Massey, Business Development Manager for HML Group and myself, Emma Blaney. As you would expect the motivation to be a part of Doyenne was intrinsically linked to our personal experiences however it seems there may have been social mechanism that inherently drove us to create the leasehold sectors first women’s only platform.

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