Doyenne’s Discuss… Networking; what’s in it for me?

With the event and award season fast approaching, Emma Blaney, founding member and Founder of Productive Property People, talks about the true meaning and importance of networking.

We all lead super busy lives. Between work, friends, family and all the other commitments you have signed yourself up to, networking can feel like an unnecessary add on. For so many people, opportunities to network go on the calendar and then come off as soon as something deemed more significant (or more fun) comes along. But networking is actually one of the most important, and enjoyable, parts of building your career in the leasehold industry.

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Doyenne’s Discuss… The Balancing Act

Alice Cadfan-Lewis, Founding Member and Founder of Block Recruit, writes about one of the most important issues facing women today; how to find balance! The balancing act women face in the 21st century is very real and can impact health, fertility and weight. Alice discusses her own personal challenges and gives her 5 top tips to achieve more balance. Authored by Alice Cadfan-Lewis.

A woman in the 21st century has many plates to spin.

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